Saturday, August 13, 2011


For several weeks a camper was my home, the first hours spent in it : the excitement of all the miles to come, the feeling of freedom I always have driving a car ... Turned the radio on and heard ... "Life is a Highway' , the originally version sung by Tom  Cochran. ( enjoy it at Youtube)
 One of my favourite rocksongs, don't tell me it  was a coincidence !  The perfect song for the perfect moment and of course I ended up playing "airguitar" en singing out loud ,  ( I am not exactly what you can call  a singer but  the volume did the trick...

... the beginning of a journey...

Thousands of miles later, full of images and colours , I return home , sit in the garden  and look at  my Menthe Verte ,

It was an amazing journey , long for that freedom being on the road again already , but  it feels  good as well to  meet up with my own colours again ! Guess it's the longing for  a place that is part of its beauty.

And of course today is Friday,  so tomorrow is flowermarketday, even more colours , will take home some of them !

 Have a nice weekend !

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