Friday, August 26, 2011

Le Corbeau, The Raven, Der Rabe ... wonderful, enchanting black

Everytime I see a picture or a painting of this mighty bird I think  of  a  world of  long lost stories in long lost places  ... untill now I just enjoyed the sight of it in books or paintings or whatever had their image in it.

But, never mind the waiting... because there they were ...this summer while travelling in the camper,  .. felt like a child in a candyshop ... and no..., not one of them but two, three, four, five and more. 

And the sounds they make give an  exciting  thrill to even the most lazy summermorning..., see things aren't always what you see ( or am I making up a  story about the raven and the witch who are heading for medieval adventures while travelling in a camper  ....?)

...Could very easily be carried away by the story... partly because today  a lot of quite boring but necessary things have to be done... Ok then ...back to reality... but I really did see them...

And the raven told me to get on with it....( did you know ravens are very intelligent  and they are called wolf-birds as well... )

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