Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday got some strong sunflowers to hold on to the summer ,   and then saw the white roses, they looked a bit wornout,  thanks to all the rain , I took them with  me ( and the flowermarketpeople were glad  finally  someone bought them, although they almost were for free  ) ... 

Quite a melancholic day today, some things going on and suddenly it feels like summer has decided to leave early, so while listening to a male russian choir singing traditional songs ( to go for the mood )   I put the roses into vases,  

... and  then there  was  this favourite smell of roses, smell of summer  

And know what... they still look a bit tired  but who cares, they're   lovely,  snowwhite , beautiful,  roses full of summersmell... so summer is still here and since it's " just for today" it's fine if they don't last that long...we'll see

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