Thursday, July 14, 2011

Matisse, Meret Oppenheim and "the art of cake"...

I was moved by the beauty I saw today

The San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art presents
the Steins Collect : Matisse, Picasso and the ParisianAvant-Garde, wonderful paintings of French painters , brought together  by Gertrude Stein, her brothers  Leo and Michael and  Michael's wife Sarah while they lived in Paris in the beginning of the 20th century. Its not only about art, it is about friendship as well , the Steins and the artists... it gave birth to an amazing and exciting collection!
And  just when you think you have seen more beauty then you can take then...

 suddenly and unexpected ...  the one and only "Miss Gardenia" appeared !

Meret Oppenheim and her "Miss Gardenia", 
I admire her  , as a woman and as an artist. Her art is about wondering, smiling, the surrealistic way of showing everydayobjects, What is it I  see...?

Quite something... being in San Fransisco , going to see this fabulous  Stein Collection is one thing but then... suddenly  looking at  " Miss Gardenia "by Meret Oppenheim , made me feel  just so very happy

 ... and then on top of it all... sitting in the roofgarden afterwards and enjoying a piece of cake  announced as  a " 3 layered cake with lemon curd and geranium-rose flavoured buttercream " ... felt like eating the smell of a rose, a bit surrealistic as well but heavenly good...

What a  day, a present to the soul.
Will remember this wonderful day, and cherish the memory of it.
The memory of this  day in July will lighten up even the greyest day in Januari.

Isn't that what memories are made for...? apart from making good days even better...

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