Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Art of Everyday Objects 1

I love  everydayobjects, used in daily life again and again...

 Sometimes I tend to forget to have a close look  at them because I'm so used to them but then again they're patient , they know I  will come back and say a nice hello...

They're used everyday,  have their own history over the years,  the material in its  own worn-out  way will last for even  more years, loyal companions,  always can be repaired, and that's  a very reassuring thought ...

 Like these sisal bags from Mexico,,  they're all different at the top , each village has its own way of "crocheting " the top of the bag,
these ones still have a smokey smell ,  even after all these years, as they were kept in the kitchen.

It's a fabulous  intelligent bag , strong, can hold thousands of things, simple to repair in case after years it needs some care, made from nearby natural material  and last but not least ....

so beautiful....

Nowadays one of them holds dried flowers for me...  this one is retired.....

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday got some strong sunflowers to hold on to the summer ,   and then saw the white roses, they looked a bit wornout,  thanks to all the rain , I took them with  me ( and the flowermarketpeople were glad  finally  someone bought them, although they almost were for free  ) ... 

Quite a melancholic day today, some things going on and suddenly it feels like summer has decided to leave early, so while listening to a male russian choir singing traditional songs ( to go for the mood )   I put the roses into vases,  

... and  then there  was  this favourite smell of roses, smell of summer  

And know what... they still look a bit tired  but who cares, they're   lovely,  snowwhite , beautiful,  roses full of summersmell... so summer is still here and since it's " just for today" it's fine if they don't last that long...we'll see

Friday, August 26, 2011

Le Corbeau, The Raven, Der Rabe ... wonderful, enchanting black

Everytime I see a picture or a painting of this mighty bird I think  of  a  world of  long lost stories in long lost places  ... untill now I just enjoyed the sight of it in books or paintings or whatever had their image in it.

But, never mind the waiting... because there they were ...this summer while travelling in the camper,  .. felt like a child in a candyshop ... and no..., not one of them but two, three, four, five and more. 

And the sounds they make give an  exciting  thrill to even the most lazy summermorning..., see things aren't always what you see ( or am I making up a  story about the raven and the witch who are heading for medieval adventures while travelling in a camper  ....?)

...Could very easily be carried away by the story... partly because today  a lot of quite boring but necessary things have to be done... Ok then ...back to reality... but I really did see them...

And the raven told me to get on with it....( did you know ravens are very intelligent  and they are called wolf-birds as well... )

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Funny... always liked the simplicity and the calmness of brown and white in all its shades, the peacefulness of it,,,  strange enough there's an explosion of colour going on...nowadays... Jekyll and Hyde ...or just two sides of the same coin  ?!? So nothing to worry about...never mind my  chaos as long as it's about colours...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blue, blue, blue

Yesterday flowermarketday, today i 'll put them  in vases throughout the house and enjoy them , but in a way I like them very much  like this as well , all these different forms and shades of green,  blue and white.  

What a luxury :  the need to  think of a good place for my flowers  while sipping my coffee in the meantime... ... on a sundaymorning ...!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

chairs en cushions

I's been a while since I did some upholstering and I miss it.  So making a cushion feels like a start again, it's about  thinking  how to make it  (not too much thinking of course, that won't do it ) and being precise because then the result will be good. 
In fact it is quite a vulnerable "metier" , the work  is literally always visible
I like that part of the upholstery: the work you do shows itself,   what you see  is what you get, no need for talk. 

So this cushion of mine... working my way through it, trying to make the different patterns go well together, it  needs some embroidery and a thick "piping" to give it some "body"...

In one way or the other I have this chair in this kitchen in mind , making the cushion.

It is such an easy going kitchen, with such a very friendly atmosphere,that is why  it would be  just the right place for my vibrant,  too much of everything cushion.  All the colours in it would be welcomed wholeheartedly here, don't you think so ..?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summertime 4...

String beans,

In highsummer my mother always used to make this soup,
I'll do the same today, no need to change good habits...miss her...  it's good to have the memory...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wild plan 2

Ok then..., I must admit that these fabrics do not seem to match at first sight... but since I love both of
them I decided to look at it as a personal challenge to make the most of dogs give me these "encouraging" looks   while I try to figure out what it is I'm doing ...or are they just hungry ...?

Anyway, it is nice to look at the colours ..., while eating some chocolate-icecream...and thinking of my handle the situation...!

Monday, August 15, 2011

'Wild' plans and patience..

Since years the dress  did not fit anymore ...too much Ben & Jerry's ! Love the fabric so I'm going to turn it into a cushion,  will give me some exercise in patience because  first of all  I have to repair the sewingmachine...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Being away saw all kinds of red...

And  back at the flowermarket  got some red to welcome my home...

Saturday, August 13, 2011


For several weeks a camper was my home, the first hours spent in it : the excitement of all the miles to come, the feeling of freedom I always have driving a car ... Turned the radio on and heard ... "Life is a Highway' , the originally version sung by Tom  Cochran. ( enjoy it at Youtube)
 One of my favourite rocksongs, don't tell me it  was a coincidence !  The perfect song for the perfect moment and of course I ended up playing "airguitar" en singing out loud ,  ( I am not exactly what you can call  a singer but  the volume did the trick...

... the beginning of a journey...

Thousands of miles later, full of images and colours , I return home , sit in the garden  and look at  my Menthe Verte ,

It was an amazing journey , long for that freedom being on the road again already , but  it feels  good as well to  meet up with my own colours again ! Guess it's the longing for  a place that is part of its beauty.

And of course today is Friday,  so tomorrow is flowermarketday, even more colours , will take home some of them !

 Have a nice weekend !