Saturday, August 20, 2011

chairs en cushions

I's been a while since I did some upholstering and I miss it.  So making a cushion feels like a start again, it's about  thinking  how to make it  (not too much thinking of course, that won't do it ) and being precise because then the result will be good. 
In fact it is quite a vulnerable "metier" , the work  is literally always visible
I like that part of the upholstery: the work you do shows itself,   what you see  is what you get, no need for talk. 

So this cushion of mine... working my way through it, trying to make the different patterns go well together, it  needs some embroidery and a thick "piping" to give it some "body"...

In one way or the other I have this chair in this kitchen in mind , making the cushion.

It is such an easy going kitchen, with such a very friendly atmosphere,that is why  it would be  just the right place for my vibrant,  too much of everything cushion.  All the colours in it would be welcomed wholeheartedly here, don't you think so ..?

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