Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Was will das Weib ?


                                               'My Nurse" Meret Oppenheim 1936

                                                  'The Couple'  Meret Oppenheim 1956  

Shoes , never liked to wear pumps just for the sake of elegance, Meret Oppenheim's 'My Nurse'  tells why,  'The Couple' is enchanting,  strange, adorable funny, almost erotic and at the same time so down to earth. 

These brown wornout  boots were my favourites  for a lifetime untill I finally stumbled across them .....                      

                                                                                   El Naturalista

Bright red pumps ,  a bit witchy, a bit Miss Marple and  make me celebrate my steps every time I wear them. I guess Meret Oppenheim would have loved them too....who cares for elegance anyway...

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