Tuesday, June 28, 2011

La Menthe Verte


 It was a tropical warm day, I think everyone was hiding in the shade if possible.

Nevertheless I adore the sun, it makes my menthe verte grow, the leaves smell more intense if caressed by the sun, and so does their  taste.

The one on the left is the applemint, in the middle the mint eau de cologne and on the right  the mint nana

I want  to be very careful with the applemint, I brought it home from Portugal so I make sure  I get several pots with them in case some of it gets lost.

All kind of friendly 'inhabitants'  live my garden, this one enjoyed the sun as well ...  She's  accompagnied by a tiny, tiny elephant and a fake rose , and a small mexican stone figure. A plastic little witch lives with them as well.  All goes well together , as long as no one is bossy...( quite difficult for the wicked witch of course...)                                                        


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