Monday, July 4, 2011

Can we agree on the fact that for sure high summer as arrived?

Flowers everywhere : in the vase, at the wall, on the table. I looks quite 'ecclectic", but I'm  not in the mood for a minimalistic style at the moment, this suits me just fine these days...!

Love  these Dahlia's  and their bright colours: yellow, purple, orange, pink and red. Very oldfashioned flowers , typical for high summer , often you can find them in the countryside , near the vegetables in farmhouse gardens. Or you can go to the flowermarket and buy them at my favourite  market stall , I told you already they have a soft spot for oldfashioned flowers as well....

Have a nice summerday....enjoy...!


  1. Laat de zomer maar komen,zijn we aan toe,gr.Marianne