Thursday, September 22, 2011

Woodpeckers and joie de vivre

I was reading the newspaper, trying to make sense of disasters, wars, pain, losses and then I saw  this photograph, had to look twice...

     ornithologist  Ivan Schwab in 2006
                                      photograph by Charles Krupa 

see...   this scientist, in his acceptancespeech for the Nobelprize ( so he will be quite a serious scientist)  talking to his audience, wearing a woodpeckers hat...  woodpeckers were his subject of research...
why is it that they do not get a headache while banging their head all the time

Now...the man stole my heart,  explaining serious stuff  with a dignified face while wearing his woodpeckerhat ...   luckily never got rid of the child within,

ok then ...have to go and find my own hat for today ...and thank you for reminding me Mr Schwab !

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