Friday, September 23, 2011

Hope Hippo

Dear Mr Schwab,

your hat took me back to other favourite newspaperpictures ...

A life-scale terrible terrible nice looking hippotamus, the Hope Hippo,  made of it is in all its magnifying glory...!

It was made in 2005 for the Venice Biennale by Jennifer Allorza and Guillaume Calzadilla :

Photograph made by Jean- Pierre Jans 

The Hope Hippo supported a volunteer who read the daily newspaper and blew a whistle upon encountering an instance of social injustice in the news, 
Injustice can do with a whole lot of noise the makers must have thought...

But I must admit that I would have loved to sit there, eating a sandwich and blowing the whistle as hard as I could even without a newspaper,  just for the sake of sitting on the mighty mighty nice  Hope Hippo 

Shall  I go for a Hippo Hat...?1?

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