Thursday, January 26, 2012

and more art

The Idiots ( Afke Goldstein & Floris Bakker) :

                                        "Geological Discovery"

                                     "No Comment" 2006

                                                  "Ophelia" 2005

  The first one , shown above has a strange edge, the second is quite something  while the female lion is
sheer peaceful it...or...?

Their art has a fenomenal voice and beauty to me ! Went to see  some of their works today and the day was coloured with wonder and amazement, quite reluctantly I got back to daily life ( means
getting normal things done, work, making dinner and so on) pfff ...but then again  there were the reallife amazing dogs at home alive and kicking,   luckily without embroidery...  and  more then ready for a walk in the rain...quite a practical way to get grounded again !

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