Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Chairs and Sofas

Great love of mine ... these french chaise longues and  chairs...upholstered in the traditional way...


The French call a daybed a "meridienne" and a chair is called " fauteuil en gondole ", "voyeuse" or "crapaud" depending on the form.... the name says it all

a crapaud for example is an overstuffed low armchair , with toadlike proportions ....and it really does remind me  of a sitting toad, 
love toads as well by the way , always makes me very happy if I can spy on one...

what more could one wish then lying on the "meridienne" on a summer afternoon and looking at a lovely old fat  toad making his lovely ugly noises...or is this just a matter of taste ...?

For the time being this one guards my frontdoor , we greet each other every morning...good start of the day... and I know he's a fake one but of course  that does not keep us from communicating...!

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