Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fabrics of the desert

So I was this privileged to spent some time in the Sinaidesert with the amazingly kind and wise Bedouins and I was taken away by the beauty of their  fabrics .... used everyday, needed for protection, to sit on, to carry essentials, made of cotton, of goathair, camelhair or sheephair

A tent, made of goathair

These fabrics give shelter ,  whether it is a very warm desertday or a very cold desertnight... ...
that's why the Bedouins make them and carry them with them as  they move on through the desert again and again...and again

and a rug,  made of camelhair

I took my fabric into the desert and worked on it... filled it with words of the desert ...  and now that  I am home again my fabric carries  the  memories of it.

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